Who wants an awkwardly-long hug?

blog photo_plus from me

I’m wearing flip-flops? Really?*

Greetings Tumblies and random blog trollers alike!

I’m Nisse, and I’m the owner of TumbleRoot. Aka, that goofy-looking short girl walking in front of all those gorgeous models in the above photo. I don’t usually make much of an appearance, but I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you. And not the type of thank you where I photoshop “thanks!” onto a stock photo of pumpkin pie and post it to our social media kind of thank you. The real kind. The kind where, if I was there in person, I’d actually reach out and give you an awkwardly-long hug and tell you how appreciative my team members and I are for each of you.




Nice … but entirely insufficient.

This year has been incredibly transformative for TumbleRoot, and for me. We made some truly fantastic partnerships, designed and launched lots new products, reached over 107,700 followers on our combined social networks, sold and attended dozens of country music festivals all over the country, launched our Amazon store, and most importantly, have been able to provide you with the very best customer service and products. And all of this was made possible by you, our customers.

So thank you.

And if you’re not totally incapacitated by your turkey-hangover, be sure to check out our website TONIGHT for our Black Friday through Cyber Monday specials. We’re gonna be having some fantastic deals, and your favorite $5 mystery grab-bags will be making a comeback! 😀

Love and Whiskey,


*Let it be known that on this particular photoshoot day, I was most certainly NOT anticipating being in any photos. So, please forgive my odd foot-wear choices. I promise to keep designing fun clothes for you in exchange for your kindness and understanding.


We ♥ Our TumbleRooters! 1,000 LIKES and counting!


Happy Friday, everyone!

We’re SO EXCITED to announce that this week our TumbleRoot Facebook page reached 1,000 likes!

And we want you to know, we like you guys too. A LOT. This weekend, all of our TumbleRooters take 10% off anything in the store! Use the coupon code 1000strong.

And thanks again! You guys rock our roots.

giveaway winner image

Congratulations to Katie Pertl Duff, you’ve won this week’s TumbleRoot Hump Day Giveaway! You’re getting one of our signature “Lil’ Bit Country” tank tops! Shoot us an FB message with your size and address, and we’ll send it out pronto!

Remember to check back next Wednesday, especially all of you pinners! We have a surprise lined up… And we’re just waiting on PINS and needles to share it with you! 😉

xoxo, TR

Either I have the greatest clients … or Australians are the nicest people ever. Or both.

A wonderful client of mine sent me a gift in the mail today! It was so unexpected, and so sweet, figuratively and literally. She not only send some stylish stationary, but also some funky and delicious candy! She lives in Australia and we have been working together to create some beautiful prints for her wedding on NEW YEARS EVE! The theme? Vintage Travel. So adorable, just like her. The milk bottle candies are especially delicious! Can’t wait to try the “bubbly” chocolate. 😀

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