Who wants an awkwardly-long hug?

blog photo_plus from me

I’m wearing flip-flops? Really?*

Greetings Tumblies and random blog trollers alike!

I’m Nisse, and I’m the owner of TumbleRoot. Aka, that goofy-looking short girl walking in front of all those gorgeous models in the above photo. I don’t usually make much of an appearance, but I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you. And not the type of thank you where I photoshop “thanks!” onto a stock photo of pumpkin pie and post it to our social media kind of thank you. The real kind. The kind where, if I was there in person, I’d actually reach out and give you an awkwardly-long hug and tell you how appreciative my team members and I are for each of you.




Nice … but entirely insufficient.

This year has been incredibly transformative for TumbleRoot, and for me. We made some truly fantastic partnerships, designed and launched lots new products, reached over 107,700 followers on our combined social networks, sold and attended dozens of country music festivals all over the country, launched our Amazon store, and most importantly, have been able to provide you with the very best customer service and products. And all of this was made possible by you, our customers.

So thank you.

And if you’re not totally incapacitated by your turkey-hangover, be sure to check out our website TONIGHT for our Black Friday through Cyber Monday specials. We’re gonna be having some fantastic deals, and your favorite $5 mystery grab-bags will be making a comeback! 😀

Love and Whiskey,


*Let it be known that on this particular photoshoot day, I was most certainly NOT anticipating being in any photos. So, please forgive my odd foot-wear choices. I promise to keep designing fun clothes for you in exchange for your kindness and understanding.


DIY American Flag Mason Jars!

This week we got a lil’ crafty at TumbleRoot and our social media expert and beautiful model, Marisa, made these super cute 4th of July inspired, American Flag mason jars. Use them as vases, or to put your silverware in during a 4th of July picnic- they are perfect!

mason jars 2 square

To show ya’ll how to make these yourself, we made a step-by-step collage for you to follow!

But first, here’s the materials you’ll need:

  • Jars, Marisa used three Ball brand.
  • Paint, Marisa used acrylic in red, white and blue.
  • Newspaper, to protect your table or work surface.
  • Paint Brush
  • Tape, Marisa used blue painters tape because it’s easy to remove after the layers dry.
  • Stickers, to outline/stencil the stripes or stars.
  • (optional) Sandpaper, Marisa used a fine grain paper to make the jars look distressed and shabby chic!

… Gathered your materials? Let’s get crafting!

Follow these 5 easy steps!

mason jar collageOne cool way to use them is at night! After you make them and they are all dry, put a tea-light candle inside them and carefully light them. They will glow and be beautiful and so country chic!!!

mason jar square cropWhen you make yours we wanna see it! Post a pic to our social media channels, or email us at social@tumbleroot.com so we can see your beautiful patriotic 4th of July crafting creation!


Happy crafting, Tumblies!

xoxo, TumbleRoot


Summer Fun Pinterest Giveaway!

Happy First Day of Summer, Tumblies!

Feeling lucky!?!? Imagine being our Summer Fun winner and going on a shopping spree at TumbleRoot.com! What would you get? Well, start day dreaming ‘cuz there’s a possibility it will happen to you!!!

Here’s all the info you’ll need to enter our Summer Fun Pinterest Giveaway!

summer fun pin to win imageIf you want to be entered to win a $100 TumbleRoot gift card, you have from the moment this post goes up until Monday June 23rd to enter! To make sure your entry counts, make sure you follow these three steps:

1. Follow TumbleRoot on Pinterest.

2. Create a new pinboard and title it “Summer Fun with TumbleRoot”. Make sure you pin the above image from our example board to your pinboard. This is how we make sure we can see your board!

3. Pin at least 5 TumbleRoot products from our website, along with at least 20 other items you want for summer.

4. Be sure to enter by June 23rd, we will be announcing the winner on June 24th!


Good luck to those who enter, and most of all – happy shopping to the lucky winner!!!!

Here’s an example of what kind of Summer Fun with TumbleRoot pinboards we’re looking for.


pinterest_summer1 pinterest_summer2

Good luck and happy pinning, Tumblies!

xoxo, TumbleRoot 🙂


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