EVERYTHING You Need to Know About Stagecoach Festival

Stagecoach is coming up quick and we’re here to tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about one of the best country music festivals in the world! It’s happening on April 23-26, 2015 in sunny Indio, California. Over the years it’s had country music stars like Luke Bryan, Zac Brown Band, Eric Church, George Strait, Alan Jackson, and Carrie Underwood grace its stage. This year’s lineup definitely does not disappoint. In fact, it’s pretty dang awesome. Check it out below.

Stagecoach 2015 Lineup

Just look at it! Miranda, Blake, AND Tim as the headliners!? We’re really hoping for a Miranda and Blake duet at some point during the weekend. And wouldn’t it be awesome if Faith Hill made a surprise appearance and sang alongside Tim? We can only dream of that happening! But let’s not forget all of the other super talented country musicians performing at Stagecoach this year. We’re super excited to just take in all the country music talent that each artist brings.

Where do I stay?

One of the most fun parts about any music festival is camping! Stagecoach offers campsites for you and your friends to hang out at all weekend long. It will for sure be a weekend you’ll never forget…or maybe a hard to remember weekend you’ll never forget? You can try your hand at a corn hole or beer pong game. Who knows, you might even find yourself playing a life size Jenga game?!

Photo Courtesy of StagecoachFestival.com

Photo Courtesy of StagecoachFestival.com

Or if you’re feeling really fancy you can rent out a super swanky house in the California desert for the weekend. You’ll have a clean and comfortable bed to come back to after every night of livin’ it up like you’re country royalty. You can even hang out by the pool every day before the show starts. Looks pretty nice, right?

Photo courtesy of CoachellaLuxuryVillas.com

Photo courtesy of CoachellaLuxuryVillas.com

What’s there to do inside the festival?

There is so much to do once you get inside the festival. The first thing we recommend to do AS SOON you as you get into the festival is to buy a beer. Actually, we recommend that for pretty much all of your country music concert experiences. 😉 The rest is up to you! You can shop around at some of the vendors. Who knows? You might even see some TumbleRoot apparel for sale. 🙂

You can also show off your dancing skills with some line dancing. How fun does that look?!

Photo courtesy of StagecoachFestival.com

Photo courtesy of StagecoachFestival.com

You can take a ride on the La Grande ferris wheel. It’s pretty awesome!

Photo courtesy of StagecoachFestival.com

Photo courtesy of StagecoachFestival.com

Or you can cool off from the desert heat with a delicious and refreshing watermelon slice. Yum!

Image Courtesy of ChloeParr.com

Photo Courtesy of ChloeParr.com

Whatever you choose to do during your time at Stagecoach, you’re guaranteed to have fun. We promise! Just don’t forget to listen to the music. 😉

What should I wear?

It’s important to wear clothes that are not only cute, but comfortable for you. You’re going to be out in the heat of the desert all day, so dress in something that will keep you cool and comfy for a long amount of time. Our favorite outfit to wear to music festivals includes a tank top, jean shorts, and cowboy boots. It’s a timeless country concert look and we’re always comfortable. Check out some of TumbleRoot’s Stagecoach outfit ideas below!

something bad outfit woodtruck yeah_outfit

Buy this tank top at TumbleRoot.com.

Buy this tank top at TumbleRoot.com/

You can buy these tank tops at TumbleRoot.com.

I can’t wait! How do I prepare for it?!

We can’t wait either! Check out the playlist we made that includes music from every artist performing at Stagecoach. It’ll be sure to hold you over until you’re at the festival! And it gives you a chance to prepare and learn every lyric to every song!

stagecoach playlist

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