New Products: Football Tees and Bullet Stud Earrings

We’re so excited about our new products, we wrote a blog about them!

Move over diamonds, bullets are a girl’s new best friend! These super cute earrings are handmade from real fired bullets, adding the perfect amount of bad-ass to whatever you pair them with. Available at




Feeling sporty or like rootin’ for your team?

Are you ready for some TumbleRoot Football!?!

At TumbleRoot we love Fall because it means football!We love football, but hate how uncomfortable those jerseys can be. (100% polyester = a lot of sweating in places we’d rather not talk about. ) That’s where this ultra-comfy tee comes in! So soft, you’ll want to wear it all the time. The perfect companion for all your sideline-cheering, smack-talking, hotdog-eating, beer-drinking, game day adventures.

Perfect for game day if the suns still shinin’ on your tailgate or if you’re indoors having a party!

Available at




Have an idea for a new product you’d like to see TumbleRoot carry?

Let us know in the comments below, or email






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