TumbleRoot DIY College Decor

Summer is coming to an end and the school year is beginning! You know what that means? New decorations for college students everywhere! We’re going to show y’all how to spruce up your new dorm or college apartment!


We’re going to start off with one of our own. We love this super cute and simple DIY paint chip sign! Learn how to make it HERE!



We love the idea of making a cute chalkboard for your new space! Here is one of our favorite DIY chalkboard tutorials!



You also need a place to display your favorite photos of your college experience. We love the idea of hanging up your memories with twine and clothespins! It’s perfect because you can display your favorite moments without having to damage the walls of your new room!



This is one of our favorite DIY projects! It’s a blooming monogram! All you need is a paper mache letter and some flowers from your local craft store to brighten up your room! Learn how to make this cute craft HERE.




Mason jars have so many uses, a room will never be complete with them! Learn how to make our DIY Distressed Mason Jars HERE!




We hope y’all can use all of these projects to decorate your new space for the upcoming school year! Be sure to tag us when you finish decorating!

xoxo TR ❤



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3 responses to “TumbleRoot DIY College Decor

  1. These are super cute ideas. We love the blooming monogram, added to the crafty wish list.

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