New Music Monday: Frank Vieira

Happy New Music Monday! This week we had the pleasure of interviewing Frank Vieira, down-to-earth country boy from Pittsburgh. Read on to learn what artists inspire him and how he was embarrassed on stage!
Name: Frank Vieira
Age: 24
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA.
What artists have inspired you? Dierks Bentley, Eric Church, Gary Allan, Josh Thompson, Dean Brody.
How long have you been performing? 5 years.
Have you been signed by a record label? If so, which one, and when? Yes, SET Records in Pittsburgh, PA. ( My debut album was released with them this January.
Any albums/singles out? Brand new album is “Three Little Words” and our first radio single off the album is “Place That Ain’t Too Crowded”.
What song of yours is a MUST LISTEN? All of them, kidding kind of, but my favorite song on the album is “Three Little Words”. “Warm Beer” is probably a must listen for when you come out to our live shows.
Are you currently touring, or where can we see you in concert? Not on tour yet hopefully later this Summer. We primarily have played shows in the Pittsburgh area. May 16th we’ll be at the Hard Rock in Pittsburgh opening for RPM Entertainment artist Maggie Rose.
What do you do for fun? I’ve always been a big fan of fishing. I also enjoy a good movie, currently trying to watch all of the nominated movies from the Oscars.
Favorite cereal as a child and why? Frosted Flakes. Me and Tony the Tiger were boys.
What instrument do you wish you could play? Drums, definitely drums. I can’t figure out how to syncopate my entire bodies movements to make noise. Respect to all the good drummers out there.
Tell us about a time you got in trouble as a kid: I made fun of someone on the playground (Disclaimer: I was no bully, I was just acting out). He ran straight to the principal, I ran straight for the monkey bars to get away. Tears… lots of tears.
Where was the coolest venue you’ve ever played? Coolest venue was more like the coolest opportunity we’ve had. A couple months ago we got to open for Marshal Tucker Band at Jergels in Warrendale, PA. Just an incredible experience. Awesome guys, and just an overall special experience getting to share the stage with living legends.
Do any of your songs have surprising back stories? If so, what are you willing to divulge? I think they all have some sort of back story, but nothing too surprising. “Tonka Trucks” is a pretty neat song about falling in love in a sandbox with your next door neighbor. Its got a bunch of cool references in it so I’d say that’s at least the most unique story.
In your opinion, who has the most beautiful singing voice you’ve ever heard? Live, I would actually have to say the time I was most taken back by an incredible voice was watching the Broadway play Wicked. Special stuff. My favorite voice, and the voice I always wish I had is Gary Allans. Just so cool. You just feel every emotion, every rasp in every note he hits. He brings you right into the song every time, no matter how many times you’ve heard it.
Most awkward/embarrassing moment: Most embarrassing moment was actually on stage. Somehow I was running around playing and I ripped my jeans. I have no idea if anyone noticed but me. Afterwards I was bright red. Thankfully, it wasn’t split any wider. Definitely embarrassing.
What singers/musical artists are you usually compared to? I’ve heard a couple different ones. Some people think I sound like Eric Church other people have said Dierks Bentley. I even got a Brad Paisley one time! But at the end of the day I hope I sound like myself.
Check out this adorable photo of Frank as a kid! He’s the cutie on the right.
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