Horse Tails #1: Getting Started

Howdy Tumblies! We are introducing a new (horse-y) series here on our blog that will be featured the first Friday of every month! Come check us out for horse-related tips, crafts, and stories!

To get us started, I wanted to share a little about my horse background. I did not grow up with horses, although I did grow up with a curiosity and love for them.

In high school I discovered a horse program that accepted volunteers. I learned to ride without a saddle, and have been called “Velcro Legs” on more than one occasion because of it. The two years I volunteered there prepared me for my move to San Luis Obispo, CA (home of TumbleRoot!) where I quickly found horses for lease. Before I knew it, I was giving lessons and training when I could. I have continued in my growth with riding, working, and training horses. But as with any rider, I will always have more to learn!


Here are a few tips for anyone trying to get involved with horses:

1. Find a barn where you can help out. Even if you’re just mucking stalls, being in the environment and showing that you are willing to work will help get you where you want to go.

2. Ask lots of questions. Be aware of barn rules. This is very important! Paying attention to details on the ground will show that you are more likely to pay attention while on horseback.

3. Safety is always priority number one. Even if you are not worried about getting thrown off a horse, the barn owner sure is! He/She is not being unfair when asking you to wear a helmet. Each barn has different insurance rules and following them will keep you in their good graces.

4. Stay open-minded. Maybe you have always wanted to learn to ride like a true cowgirl. This doesn’t mean that some training in an English discipline couldn’t help you. Staying willing to learn whatever you have thrown at you will get you ready for the unexpected. And as with any animal, being prepared for the unexpected will help you avoid accidents!

5. Be patient. No one becomes a pro overnight! Take your time with your horse and yourself! Even on those tough days, give yourself some credit. You are going to be a great rider, just stick with it! 🙂

Got any questions for us? Let us know in the comments!


TR ❤


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One response to “Horse Tails #1: Getting Started

  1. Monika Savic

    All good ideas, especially how important it is to keep trying and not be discouraged. Great riders develop over time, not overnight. I’ll be looking for more helpful tips!

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