Sneaky and Fun Treats for April Fool’s Day

Here at TumbleRoot, we LOVE April Fool’s. But we also don’t want to ruin anyone’s day. We scoured the internet (mainly Pinterest) to bring you yummy ideas to surprise anyone walking into your kitchen this Tuesday. Here’s what we found (and loved)!

aprilfoolsfood.eggs and toast

Eggs and Toast! Take this sweet version instead: toast some pound cake and pair with vanilla yogurt topped with a peach slice. Sneaky and yummy! cake.jpg

Bundt cake is a perfect dessert to most any meal. Try this cake made out of pizza! It will definitely surprise the taste buds, and everyone loves cake for dinner, right? Find the full recipe here.


aprilfoolsfood.chicken pot pie.jpg

Love Chicken Pot Pie? How about pudding, starburst, and jolly ranchers? Mix ’em together in a pie crust and get a mouthful of yummy.

Pro tip: bake a pie crust from cookie dough for an extra sweet treat.


aprilfoolsfood.jello drink

You’ll laugh as your friends or family try to take a sip of this “undrinkable drink”! Fill some glasses with jello and straws. Let them sit and wait for the funny to ensue.


aprilfoolsfood.mashed potato cupcakes

I cannot think of a yummier way to eat cornbread and mashed potatoes. Anyone want to bake me these “cupcakes”? cake.jpg

For our beer lovers out there, try this trick that is both delicious and cute. Bake a cake in a beer mug (or super adorable beer mug shot glass)! Find the full recipe here.


Have a great April Fool’s day y’all! Don’t do anything we wouldn’t do. 😉

TR ❤




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One response to “Sneaky and Fun Treats for April Fool’s Day

  1. Hiiiiii…….I really like this Sneaky and Fun Treats for April Fool’s Day 😉

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