New Music Monday: Cameron Tylor Harper

This week we had the pleasure of interviewing Cameron Tylor Harper, super cute country boy who will make you laugh! Read on to learn about his favorite venues and sweet back stories for his great country tunes!
Name: Cameron Tylor Harper
Age: 24
What artists have inspired you?
The cool thing about country music is there are different genres of country music now, so over the years I’ve been inspired by many artists. Of course the country music legends like George Jones, Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, The Jonas Brothers (kidding) and for me, most of all the great George Strait.
How long have you been performing? 
Songwriting about 4 years, and performing about 2 years. I was always pretty shy, but I decided to follow my God given passion and dream and it’s been awesome ever since!
Have you been signed by a record label? If so, which one, and when? 
Not yet, but have some great opportunities right now, so we’ll see!
Any albums/singles out?
I’m about to release a single & an EP. As a songwriter I write quite a bit of music, but that doesn’t mean it’s for me or fits my style so I had to really sit down and figure out which story I want to tell through what I’m putting out first. It’s gonna be awesome. I’ve been able to figure out my sound and see a vision of who I am and what I want to do in country music.
What song of yours is a MUST LISTEN? 
“Made in the USA” has an awesome chorus and most of the time when I play it and it’s the first time a crowd is hearing this song, they will sing with me usually by the second chorus! Which let’s me know it has nothing to do with me, it’s just a killer song.
Are you currently touring, or where can we see you in concert? 
Yes, you can hear me in my shower almost every night singing Luke Bryan at the top of my lungs!
What do you do for fun? 
Get in my truck and tear a field up! Last time I went a little too hard and my dog threw up in the back of my seat..
Favorite cereal as a child and why?
I was pretty chubby as a kid, so probably all of them? I was the first person to get boobs in middle school.. Haha! that even just cracked me up. I don’t know if that’s true, but it’s pretty bad if you go to an ice cream parlor and they know your name… It’s even worse if you’ve never even been to that ice cream parlor before. There was just more of me to love!
What instrument do you wish you could play?
I play a few instruments, but I’ve learned it doesn’t matter what you can play or do or sing or read a book if you can just TWERK!
Tell us about a time you got in trouble as a kid:
I lived in trouble like most bad kids. Probably because the constant sugar high because I was so fat!
Where was the coolest venue you’ve ever played?
Whisky A Go Go in Los Angeles is always awesome! Also loved playing Texas Ranger Hall Of fame. Both awesome experiences but my FAVORITE was when I played a men’s prison in Kentucky and – I kid you not – they sang the chorus to “Made In The USA” (my song) with me and it blew my mind!! I’ll never forget it.
Do any of your songs have surprising back stories? If so, what are you willing to divulge?
I’m not like the male Taylor Swift or anything, but when I write it always comes from either a special time for me or about a special person. Some of the songs you will hear are actually about someone I used to date who is from Nashville, who actually broke my heart… But all the songs are positive and I wrote them at the time we were together, but I love the songs because they are so genuine and sweet. Of course there are other girls I’ve dated and that’s where I get my Taylor Swift hate you songs. But I’m single now, so…… Wink.
In your opinion, who has the most beautiful singing voice you’ve ever heard?
Besides my mom and sister… They both are crazy talented.
I feel like Blake Shelton would want me to say him.
Most awkward/embarrassing moment: 
So it’s winter and that means your skin gets dry, so I was at the grocery and I made a quick buy of some coconut lotion. I was kind of excited about it, because as a man, that’s not something I usually do. So when I get home I shower and I put some on, but I’m like… This stuff SUCKS. It’s like sticky kind of and couldn’t rub it in and like painful on my arm hair, which leads me to my next point, I don’t think men are supposed to wear it… But….. Turns out it was hair gel and I rubbed hair gel all over myself and so not really embarrassed about it, but I felt really stupid that night until I put on my TumbleRoot Apparel tshirt and realized how hot I looked because of it and never had a care in the world again.
Check out Cameron as an adorable three-year-old! He says he knew even then that women loved confidence. Oh yes we do!
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Enjoy the rest of your Monday, y’all!
TR ❤

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