I’d Always Rather be Shotgunning a Beer

I’m sure you can tell by now that us TumbleRooters love our beer. Some of us are serious pros when it comes to drinking it and showing off. While some of us….are not. We thought it would be a fun experiment to have the pros teach the newbies, and then tell you all about it!

On this gorgeous day in San Luis Obispo, we got a bit artsy before spilling beer everywhere.


Did I mention we have KOOZIES now? That’s right! We are debuting our brand new “I’d Rather be Shotgunning a Beer” koozies. Keep an eye out for them on TumbleRoot.com for sale soon! Aren’t they awesome? And yes, they may have been the inspiration for this super cool blog.

Disclaimer: I am one of the newbies. I have never shotgunned a beer before! The pros gave me these tips:

1. A key is the best tool.

2. Stab near the bottom of the can (you don’t want to waste any beer!), then twist.

3. Push in the sharp edges and make it the size of a dime.

4. Put that sucker up to your mouth, open the tab, and drink!

5. Extra Tip! Wear our super cute “I’d Rather be Shotgunning a Beer” tee or tank so everyone knows your favorite pastime.

Alright, well we TRIED to do that. We rocked our TR gear, we had the keys, we stabbed the cans….



But things didn’t quite turn out the way we thought they would. Talk about getting covered in beer!


We did manage to get SOME beer. Even though most of it was soaking our clothes!


We smelled like beer. We could feel it in our hair. We got our boots covered in beer for crying out loud! But all in all, we had a pretty great time.




We hope you do it better than we do! Got any tips so we don’t embarrass ourselves again? Share your stories with us!


TR ❤


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