New Music Monday: Justin Wardell

Happy New Music Monday Tumblies! This week we interviewed Justin Wardell, a super sweet country boy who loves performing (and duck hunting!). He sure won us over with his smooth southern voice and charm! Not to mention his adorable baby photo! Read on to learn about this week’s up and coming country singer! 🙂NMM_justinwardell
Name: Justin Phillip Wardell
Age: 20
Hometown: Benton, Louisiana
What artists have inspired you? Luke Bryan, Garth brooks, Chris cagle, Frank Foster.
How long have you been performing?I’ve been performing for about 2 years now at local bars,rodeos, and a few small concerts and festivals in the LA TX area
Have you been signed by a record label? If so, which one, and when? I am signed with YP Entertainment, based out of shreveport, Louisiana
Any albums/singles out? I have ONE album out, it is a self recorded album and it is only acoustic. It’s called “Southern Charm”. It has 10 of my all original acoustic songs on it. It can be found on iTunes, android market, and spotify. Since September 2013, over 2700 copies have been sold.
What song of yours is a MUST LISTEN? “Waterfowl Hunting” is a must listen for all duck hunters.
What do you do for fun?I’m an avid duck hunter, I LOVE being on the water in duck season. I LOVE making people laugh and I enjoy helping people. I run a ministry called “Camo’d Down for Christ” and we work with the homeless in my area. It is loads of fun getting my buddies together and going downtown and passing out clothes and food to these people while dressed In all camo, spreading Jesus’ name. I enjoy riding my horses, and traveling the world!
Favorite cereal as a child and why? As a child I ate Reese’s puffs. I never liked cereal much but I LOVED candy, so it was the perfect match!
What instrument do you wish you could play? Fiddle.
Tell us about a time you got in trouble as a kid. I once asked my mom for change to throw in the fountain at the mall but she said no. I jumped in the fountain and started grabbing change from the bottom and throwing it everywhere! As you could imagine she was very, very angry. She had to get in the fountain, drag me out, and take me to the parking lot dripping wet.  She whipped my butt that day and I’ll never forget it.
Where was the coolest venue you’ve ever played? The coolest venue I have ever played was in May 2012 when I opened for Frank Foster, one of my favorite Nashville recording artists.
Do any of your songs have surprising back stories? If so, what are you willing to divulge? Well, all I can say is most of my songs are true stories, mostly about girls in high school.But, most of them are top-secret and to this day I have still never told anyone who they are about.
In your opinion, who has the most beautiful singing voice you’ve ever heard? In my opinion the most beautiful singing voice I’ve ever heard is somewhere between Bruno Mars and Gary LeVox, the lead singer of Rascal Flatts.
Most awkward/embarrassing moment: I have had numerous awkward and embarrassing moments so it’s hard to pick only one. If I had to pick one though, I would say it was the time in high school when I texted three or four girls the same message at the same time and they all found out about it.
What singers/musical artists are you usually compared to? Although I don’t agree with any of them, I have been compared to Luke Bryan and Hunter Hayes more than a couple of times.
We love this adorable photo of Justin as a kid! Isn’t he the cutest?

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Hope y’all are having a great Monday!

xoxo, TR


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