A Day in the Life of the TumbleRoot Team

A day filled with smiling, laughing, and drinking.

As much as we love working for our fabulous customers, we also hunger for the days of pure, Tumblie fun. But because of how much we love those folks that keep us going, we decided to show you a glimpse of what our days together are like. Because let’s be honest, they would not be nearly as much fun without you.


Us TumbleRooters love being loud, obnoxious, and cheesy, so where would we start our day off? The bowling alley of course!


You better bet we are repping our favorite TR designs.

We also debuted our BRAND NEW “Famous in a Small Town” kids tee on Alexa. There were definitely some jealous kids eyeing her adorable outfit. Isn’t she the cutest?


Some of us came to win, while some of us came to throw bowling balls granny-style. Oh and did I mention drink? Yeah we came for that too.


We went to Pismo Beach Bowl (in case you wanted to go and try to be as cool as us) on a gorgeous Saturday. For the locals reading, you know that means parking was near to impossible. Somehow we didn’t let that keep us from being the rockstar bowlers that we were born to be. Now enjoy the cheesy photos that we are obsessed with taking.

IMG_6372 IMG_6384 IMG_6375 IMG_6377 IMG_6380

We had a pretty great cowboy-boot-popping time. Mike, our rocking CSR, wiped that oh-so-shiny floor with the rest of us with a score that may have caused a few tears. After the bowling alley had had enough of our shenanigans, we caravanned to The Great American Melodrama and Vaudeville.

banner3 (1)

They are currently performing “The Bachelors”, a witty take on bachelors through the ages. We settled into our chairs with pitchers of Coors, bowls of popcorn, and trays of pretzels. We were in for such a treat as we laughed and enjoyed the show. Alexa made it even better as she sung along to the catchy tunes performed on stage.

We even got a photo with some of the cast afterward!


Yes, they let us normal folk on stage! We felt so famous.

We then returned to home base for drinks and card tricks.


We hadn’t quite had enough of our TR love, so we walked to downtown San Luis Obispo, marching in our perfectly worn in boots.


TR ❤


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