DIY Glitter Bottles

Two things we love at TumbleRoot: alcohol and glitter! We figured out the cutest way to combine them! We’re gonna show y’all how to make these super cute glitter bottles!

Here’s what you’ll need:



Your favorite glitter

Spray adhesive

A paper bag or newspaper to protect your table from your glittery masterpiece

This project is super easy! The first thing you’ll need to do is spray the adhesive onto the part of the bottle you want glittery. Here we are spraying it onto the bottom of the bottle:


The next step is to add the glitter! It can get a little messy, but it’s really fun! Add as much glitter as you desire!


Here we are changin’ up the glitter color:


We were left with a rainbow pile of glitter…


So this is what we did…


It didn’t turn out quite as cool as we wanted, but we had fun with it!


After a couple hours of drying, here are our finished glittery products!


20140705-Nisse-and-Aarde-Weddi-2629595101-OWe hope we inspired y’all to create your own glittery masterpieces!

Happy Friday!


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xoxo, TR


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