New Music Monday: Jordan Allard


We are so grateful to have been able to interview Jordan Allard for our New music Monday artist this week! This young man not only has a beautiful voice, but is also a total sweetheart. Read on to find out more about him and listen to his music!


Jordan Michael Allard




Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada

Currently touring?

No, but one is coming soon!

What artists have inspired you?

Dwight Yoakam, Alan Jackson, Eric Church,

How long have you been performing?

Eight years

Have you been signed by a record label?

 No not yet, still an independent artist.

Any albums/singles out?

My single ‘Country Caboose’ is available on iTunes, GooglePlay and Amazon. My 7 song EP ‘Born in the Country’ will be out this year.

What song of yours is a MUST LISTEN?

Country Caboose! If you can’t buy it, watch it on iTunes!

Where can we see you in concert?

Your best bet would be in Manitoba right now, but I would like to tour Canada and the USA this year sometime!

What do you do for fun?

Hunt, fish, PS3, hockey, football, sing, drive around my small town!

Favorite cereal as a child and why?

Rice Crispies! I loved the ‘snap, crackle pop!’

What instrument do you wish you could play?


Do any of your songs have surprising back stories? 

All of my songs are strongly influenced by events, memories, lessons I’ve learned growing up. There’s a little bit of everything on my album, a few love songs, some party songs, some lonely songs. There’s a little bit of everything for everyone!

What singers/musical artists are you usually compared to?

I’ve gotten a lot, usually Justin Moore and Luke Bryan, I’ve also been told I don’t have his nice bum though haha.

And of course, the embarrassing childhood photo (although this one is actually pretty adorable)


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xoxo, TR


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