Furry Friday: ForgeTheTrot

This week we’re introducing Furry Friday, which is a blog segment about TumbleRoot’s favorite animals! This Furry Friday, we’re having a guest blogger named Kylie. She posts pictures and videos of her horses on her Instagram and YouTube accounts. Today, she is giving an introduction of the horses that she often features on her Instagram and YouTube!

First off, my name is Kylie.  In today’s blog I will tell you all about the horses I work with so you can understand later posts I guest blog on!


Bella, who is my only horse right now, will soon be sold because I can no longer afford to have my own horse. Don’t be sad though! You’ll be able to see her! I have hundreds of photos I can post after she’s gone. Bella is an off the track thoroughbred, which means she is an ex-race horse. She won three races in her racing career. And she received almost six second places. You wouldn’t believe she used to be a race horse by how she acts now! She’s so slow! We all call her “the turtle horse.” Everyone loves Bella’s calm laid back personality. She is surprisingly five years old! She just turned five in January. Technically all thoroughbreds age another year every January. I forgot why this is, but when I read up further I’ll share with y’all!


Moosa, who is the barn owner’s horse, is a Percheron draft horse. She, like Bella, is also five years old! She’s the complete opposite of Bella. She is a very nervous and sensitive horse. Moosa is always very alert and is always on the lookout. She has a lovely puppy dog personality once you get her to trust you, though. She’s a gentle giant! I’ve been “breaking in” Moosa, but I prefer to use the term “gentling,” which is a softer term than saying I’m “breaking” the horse. “Breaking” is such a harsh term! It makes it seem that you want to break the horses spirit to fit your needs, which is not what I prefer to do. I spend more time making friends with the horse and getting them used to scary items and weight so that she will be comfortable with me being on her back rather than being by her side.


Doc, who is also the barn owner’s horse, is an American Quarter Horse. He is between Moosa and Bella personality wise, which is pretty funny to me! Doc is laid back to a certain degree. I can ride him without saddle or bit and stand on his back (don’t worry this does not harm the horse). He is the herd leader, which is why he has a little more spookiness than Bella, but is still a lot more laid back than Moosa. Doc is 15 years old, 16 hands high (which means he’s about 64 inches tall), and is basically a big chestnut teddy bear! I only do light riding with Doc because he seems to be sore on his back right leg, from what I cannot tell. Some time soon I’ll write more about this topic, because I could go on and on about it!

These are the main horses I feature on my pages and you’ll most likely see them on my blog quite often. I will talk to you all next time!

kylie orsik_guest blogger


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