#ManCrushMonday: Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton: country superstar, judge on the The Voice, husband of Miranda Lambert, and TumbleRoot’s #ManCrushMonday!

man crush money_blake shelton

Like every other great country star, he started off with a mullet. He’s lookin’ so good here:

300px-Blake_Shelton_-_AustinHere’s his first hit song, “Austin,” where you can see the mullet in all its glory! The song is pretty great too!

We love how much he loves Miranda!

1103119-blake-shelton-miranda-lambert-4-617-409We also love how he says things like this to her:

1-Miranda-Lambert-and-Blake-Shelton-funny-quotes1We love how he doesn’t care what anyone thinks. We think this song is pretty good representation of that:

He also has a great sense of humor!

Here’s list of some of his funniest moments!

We love his bromance with Adam Levine (who is also one of our man crushes)!

adamlevine_blakeshelton_thevoice_getty_v celebrity-best-friend-bands-blake-shelton-adam-levineAnd he loves alcohol just as much as we do…

enhanced-buzz-7300-1371579561-22MjAxMy1kYmQ4MjFlNzIwODBjODE5Happy Monday! 🙂


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