#ManCrushMonday: Dierks Bentley

Happy #ManCrushMonday! Dierks Bentley not only has awesome music, but he’s one of the most attractive guys in country music right now! We’re going to prove it to you here:

We’ll start off with this song. It pretty much makes us melt.

He’s lookin’ pretty good in front of this Jeep!

And he also looks pretty awesome here…

He also plays the guitar really well!

And he dedicated a song to his daughter! Too cute!

Watch them sing it together here:

He’s friends with Hunter Hayes and Brad Paisley!

He has a really cute dog named Jake!

He loves America and our troops!

He donated $50,000 to a military family on Ellen. So awesome!

He’s had the same truck since before he was famous! Read about it here!

And Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb’s reaction in this Today Show excerpt with Dierks basically sums up how we feel about him:

Happy Monday 🙂


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One response to “#ManCrushMonday: Dierks Bentley

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