Chris Young’s New Album!


When we first heard “Aw Naw” on the radio a few months ago, we knew that Chris Young’s new album was going to be awesome. We were actually counting down the days until its release last week. Our predictions were correct and we have not been able to stop listening to it these past few days! We keep falling in love with new songs and lyrics each time we listen to it. There are songs for pretty much every mood on this album, which makes it the perfect album to have in your car at all times! To start off, the title track, “AM,” make us want to have a drink and go line dancing. And it also makes us want to go stargazing with Chris Young. We can definitely imagine listening to the song “Nothin’ but the Cooler Left” during a tailgate this football season. It’s such a fun song! Chris shows a softer side in “Text Me Texas,” which discusses the emotion we all feel when someone you thought liked you is giving you the cold shoulder. “Who I Am With You” is such a cute and sentimental song and is the perfect song to end the album with. Whoever Chris sings this song to is definitely a lucky lady! You should definitely listen to Chris’ new album. We promise you won’t be disappointed!


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