Our Hand Dyed DIY! Patriotic Tank Tops ♥

Over the past few weeks, we here at TumbleRoot have been at work, DIY’ing, designing, and, well, destroying some tank tops in the process… BUT! We’ve done it.

After much trial and error, we’ve perfected the perfect patriotic tank top, just for you. 🙂

Perfect for summer BBQ’s, festivals, and  just your general party going, these tanks are made to last with high-quality, non-toxic dyes that won’t bleed in the wash (no purple socks!) and won’t fade over time.

Here’s some photos of the making of our new ‘MERICAN tanks. They’re to DYE for… 😉







And here’s a few that didn’t turn out quiiiite right…




So yeah, we had a misstep or two… Or ten. But here it is! The finished product.

Red, white, and blue. Hand dyed just for you. 🙂

hand dyed patriotic tank - unisex - front

hand dyed patriotic tank - unisex - back

giveaway winner image

Congratulations Kassie Harris, you’ve won our Hump Day Giveaway this week! You’ll be receiving one of these glorious TumbleRoot Patriotic Hand Dyed tank tops! Send us a Facebook message for details.

Don’t forget to check back next Wednesday for another chance to WIN!

xoxo, TR


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One response to “Our Hand Dyed DIY! Patriotic Tank Tops ♥

  1. Kassie Harris

    Yay! Thank you so much! Message sent 🙂

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