Curl up with this!

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At TumbleRoot, we are passing around a book called The Happiness Project. It’s not every day that we have the time to curl up with a book, but we were intrigued by the prospect of bringing more happiness into our lives.

The Happiness Project follows author Gretchen Rubin’s project to find more happiness over one year. Month-by-month, she introduces and follows happiness resolutions to improve her overall well-being. Although not all of her resolutions stick for the entire year, it’s entertaining to read about her journey.

It may sound a little touchy-feely, but we love the tangible goals she sets and her truthful analysis of the changes she makes in her life.

Here’s a few resolutions to get you inspired:

1. Tackle a nagging task.
2. Fight right. (In relationships, avoid using bombs like “You never” or “You always”)
3. Enjoy now. (Enjoy anticipation)
4. Sing in the morning.
5. Start a collection.
6. Don’t gossip.
7. Give something up. (Examples: processed sugar, bottled water, lottery tickets, sunbathing, checking

Go get happy!



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