The Color Orange

The color orange elicites a love/hate polorization among us.

On one hand, it symbolizes caution and unease, while on the other hand, it exudes warmth and energy.

One thing is certain – of all the colors, orange it is the most controversial.

Whichever level of awesomeness orange is to you, here are some ways to pay tribute to this 2nd color of the rainbow, without raising any eyebrows.

1- Pimp your pumpkin. Drop the knife. No one likes to put their fingers in the stringy pumpkin goop anyways. This Dia De Los Muertos theme is one that our good friend, Karissa, dreamed up and we are in love!

2- Wear these shoes The opposite of boring, and sophisticated enough that your mother will approve. Icing on the cake? Your boyfriend will also approve. (Veronique Shoes courtesy of

3 – Drink this Finally, a substitute to that drink-you-are-tempted-to-buy-but-never-order-ok-maybe-just-this-one-time-I-deserve-it. You know what I’m talking about. To be honest, it is a bit of work to make, but think of the calories you’ll lose while making it (and that extra piece of pie you can eat because you did). (Healthier Pumpkin Latte courtesy of



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