5 Ways to Say “Adios, Summer!”

Little white dress: Cotton On ~$30. Faux suede ankle booties: Gap (last season) ~$50. Popsicle: Trader Joes ~$0.75

1. Wear white, unexpectedly – While it’s still a faux pas to wear white to your best friend’s wedding, we can rejoice that wearing white post-Labor Day is now acceptable. But who wants to be “acceptable?”  Liven it up with a colorful necklace or shoes! Plus, for all you sorority gals, that LWD is going to be a wardrobe staple for recruitment.

2. Eat a Popsicle – Whether it’s homemade lime-and-basil pop or the tried-and-true Astro Pop, let the juice drip down your arms (resist the urge to rush to the sink!) and reminisce about childhood.

3. Sit on the roof – The end of summer is the perfect time to gain new perspective. Maybe it’s the birds, maybe it’s the view into your neighbor’s kitchen…whatever it is, being on the roof is a great place to meditate, drink a cold one,  or my favorite – think about where you will be in 5 years.

4 .Get competitive – Spontaneous Nerf gun wars, pickup games of beach volleyball or organized kickball – whatever your game is, DO IT!  The hardest part is walking out the door, but you’ll be glad you did when the adrenaline is pumping!

5 . Let your toes breath  – Studies show many benefits of going barefoot (Google it). Bottom line – it feels great.

 Which of these are you most excited to try before fall hits? Let us know in the comments!


From the mind of: Quincy Storm  –  Social Media Coordinator, Freelance Designer and Model


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