We went to Mexico. And then I got a ring.

So, after 6.5 years together, we finally decided to make it official.

The location for the proposal couldn’t have been more perfect, but I guess I can’t say I want totally surprised. For years, Aarde has been telling me that he “had the ring since he first met me”, which I have been categorizing as a lie. A cute lie, but, a lie nonetheless. However, this proposal would prove me wrong. Cabo San Lucas is the first trip we went on when we first started dating (back in the ice ages). After it happened, I finally got to ask about this adorable fib he’d been telling me for almost 7 years.

Apparently, right after that first trip together, he bought the ring. Very cute, even to me—the anti-sentimentalist. Want to know the 7 year hiding spot? Under my bed. Yep. I slept on top of the thing for almost 7 years. I guess you really can find buried treasure under your bed!

Can’t forget the Coronas!

Standard ring shot … a la beach.

Not-so-standard ring shot

We also got a sweet video of the whole trip made by my friend, who accidentally had her camera on “awesome” mode and took videos for a few seconds before every photo!


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One response to “We went to Mexico. And then I got a ring.

  1. Amy

    Love the photo of you two! How are you so freaking cute?!

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