40 minute design challenge!

There are times when I wonder if I chose the right profession. It’s usually right at about 3am, when I’m working on the 12th revision of a job, and I get an email something like this …

“We love what you’ve been doing, but we’ve decided to rebrand. Our second cousin twice removed is a designer and he created a new logo for us … can you incorporate this drawing of a lion catching a butterfly in the Serengeti into the design? We feel it represents our plumbing business perfectly.”

But then, there are moments like today.

My friend sent me a flier her mother had spent weeks creating in Microsoft Word, and asked for my help. I saw it as a fun challenge to see what I could create in a short amount of time, and while it’s not the Mona Lisa, I think it’s a pretty good improvement. And it only took 40 minutes! 🙂

I love my job.

The challenge: quickly re-design my friend’s mom’s event postcard


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3 responses to “40 minute design challenge!

  1. Jim Noble

    “I can’t keep all this awesomeness to myself”


  2. Sue

    I am Karissa’s Mom and I sooooooo appreciated this wonderful art and design work that you did for me today!!! You made my day and our Women’s Fellowship Ladies will be thrilled!!! Thank you so much! Sue

  3. Thanks Nis! This is awesome! Thanks for being such a great designer and and even better friend!

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