Bibliophile Digest: What books you should read according to me. Volume 1.

I recently listened to really good book titled “Quiet: The power of Introverts in a world that Can’t Stop Talking”.

It was really insightful for any personality type, I highly recommend it. She also identifies a third personality type which I didn’t know existed, called an Ambivert—in between both extroverted and introverted personalities.

If you don’t have time to read the book, the Author, Susan Cain, gave a 20 minute Ted talk.


Some of my takeaways:

  • Group brainstorms DON’T WORK. Give people time to think of ideas on their own, then come together and discuss.
  • Best creative ideas and improvement happen when you work ALONE
  • When in groups, people will unconsciously believe the loudest person’s ideas are the best and the most correct. Even when they are not.
  • There is too much emphasis on extroverted personality types in our society. We need more of a balance of the personality types.
  • Extroversion and Introversion scales are determined by how you react to stimulation … not shyness/outgoingness. Introverts are content with a lower stimulation level than extroverts.


What you should do:

  • Take the fun Quiz: are you an Extrovert, Introvert or Ambivert? I am an Ambivert 🙂
  • Watch the 20 minute Ted talk.
  • Read the book 
  • Take more time to work alone
  • Give people brainstorm topics in advance, and only come together to discuss ideas, not come up with new ones.

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