Someone has a sense of humor

Not many online companies go the extra mile for their customers. Most of them rely on having good customer service, good products and fast shipping—which, generally is good enough for the occasional purchase. Rarely, does a company take the extra effort to add that little cherry on top. That one special thing that takes the occasional customer, and turns them into a loyal customer.

I recently made a purchase for the first time at a company called Everything was good, products were good, shipping was fast, website was okay, but then came the cherry.

The box arrived, and I opened it, and here is what I found.

Packing peanut, packing peanut, packing peanut and ... finger puppet?!

It's like he's saying "Ack! you caught me in the middle of dinner!"

I think I’ll be ordering from perpetualkid again.



If you own a business, or interact with customers, I challenge you to think about how you can add a little finger monster into your customer service. What can you do to put a smile on your customer’s face, and to set yourself apart from your competition? Tell me your ideas!


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5 responses to “Someone has a sense of humor

  1. Wait, is that what you ordered? All that box for one puppet?!

  2. Jim, California

    Cool! Nice touch.

  3. That’s a good read for a Monday morning 🙂

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