My friends are pretty neat.


From: Quincy Storm

To: Nisse Noble

Subject line: Dear Nisse: Love, The Sun

Body copy:

Dear Nisse,

Why don’t we play anymore? I miss the days when we used to frolick among the hollyhocks and butterflies, but it seems that lately those days have been buried beneath mother nature’s brown earth.

Please come out and enjoy my warm rays. I promise not to turn your skin red. And I promise you can catch up on work tomorrow. My shine will not be blessed as heavily tomorrow with warmth and good grace.

Should you decide to bask in my light, I will be at Gus’ on the patio with my worshippers, Danielle and Quincy. If you shalt not come hither to sparkle under my warmth, there will be other days, so I might forgive you in a fortnight.

Truly yours,

The Sun


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2 responses to “My friends are pretty neat.

  1. Quincy

    Pretty neat, yes. But convincing? No.

  2. Danielle


    (OLL = Out Loud Laughing)

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