Piperlime vs. Gap.

I recently ordered something from Piperlime in conjunction with something from the Gap. What I didn’t know, that along with my sweater and stylish necklace (I love turquoise and coral together) they threw in a free gift—a psychological experiment. The two stores sent their materials in drastically different packaging, and I think it made a difference in my future buying decisions.

Piperlime says hi when they see me for the first time

and they know it's what's inside that really matters

They talk to me like a human



Bottom line: Piperlime’s packaging makes me feel appreciated and loved. Gap’s packaging makes me feel like a cheap prostitute with a $20 on the nightstand. Ok, so maybe it’s not that bad. But in the packaging war, Piperlime wins. Hands down. I’ll still buy from the Gap, but I’m certainly not going to tell my friends that we’re buddies.


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