Take that United States. Australia’s got feminine hygiene all wrapped up.

So my awesome friends Quincy and Travis (you remember the postcard, right?) have finally returned from the land down under! That is exciting I know, but just wait till you hear this next part. Some people, when they travel, bring back gifts to their loved ones. Most of the time, these are less like gifts, and more like lame trinkets that you are obligated to display “proudly” in your home for the appropriate length of time before you can either:

A. Re-gift it (usually not an option since no one really wants a “I Went to Kansas and Brought You Back This Cool Magnet” magnet.)
B. Throw it away
C. Give it to the thrift store

Generally, I go with option C. This time was different.

In a testament to how well she knows me, Quincy brought me back a fabulous gift. It was practical, beautiful, well made, fun, and inexpensive.


But not just any tampons. These were the cutest tampons I’ve ever seen. See exhibits A-C below.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

How cute are these? I took photos with my iphone, but they just don’t do them justice. So I used the mighty internets to conjure up some better quality images for your viewing pleasure.


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