Postcards are underrated.

Yep. I got a postcard today. No, not one of those cleaning reminder postcards from the dentist with the eerily happy dancing teeth on it. This is a real-live card, written in real ink with special messages from people I care about. Feels like a million bucks. It was from my good friends Quincy and Travis, who, accompanied by their faithful feathered friend Harvey, are currently wildernessing through Australia in search of adventures and scorpions. In contrast, I am here in the states wishing desperately that they would stay in one place long enough that I could send them some magical care package in thanks for their good deed. Seeing as how that isn’t going to be possible (neither adventure nor scorpions sit still very well, you see) I thought I’d write a blog in their honor. They are the web-fairing types and I’m the type that struggles to use Facebook … So I thought it would be a good opportunity to dive in and get my feet wet with this whole blogging phenomenon. They’ve been keeping me up-to-date on their travels through their own neat blog so I figured if they can do it … I can too. Albeit with lamer content. 



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3 responses to “Postcards are underrated.

  1. amen, sista! blog on, my friend!

    i’m glad you got my postcard…did you like the faded hot pink gradient border along the edge? i thought you would…

    oh, and i think i just took your blog comment virginity, for the record!

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